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GWC #334: “B” Movie Arc, Part 1: Trancers

We kick off our “B” Movie arc with the hilariously cheesy, sometimes campy, and all-around fun 1985 sci-fi action flick Trancers. We revel in laughter over the movie’s halfhearted future-car, zombie cross-dressing stunt doubles, the gunning-down of a possessed mall Santa, the young Helen Hunt’s portrayal of a woman unfazed when her boyfriend’s body is […]


Save Eureka #47: Colin Ferguson Interview

Colin Ferguson joins us for an upbeat and thought-provoking discussion about Life, Eureka, and Everything. We enjoy discussion of Ferguson’s days as a standup comic and improv artist, the importance of listening skills and supporting fellow players, and confirmation that one can, indeed, make it as an actor while still being a Nice Guy. We […]


Save Eureka #39: S05E06 Worst Case Scenario

We enjoy the expression of Zane and Fargo’s new (awesome) relationship. We talk through Jo’s insecurity as a root cause of her unpredictable behavior — and speculate on her hairstyle as a subtle indicator of mood. We wonder about Holly and question whether or not she’s really there. We ponder what Holly’s situation makes us […]


After The 2011 SDCC

For five days my feet touched the holy ground of San Diego Comic Con 2011 geekness. Short of working in SyFy’s Vancouver-based studios or being on set filming the next Tron: Legacy, Avatar, or Star Trek-type movie, this is the closest I will ever come to geek-topia. The friends were phenomenal, the panels were funny […]


Skiffy Waffles, Cans Eureka

After ordering episodes so far ahead that when we talked to Colin Ferguson back in May (GWC #273), he was already on the set shooting season five before we’d even begun to see the second half of season four, SyFy announced yesterday the end of Eureka. It was a roller-coaster week for fans of the […]


GWC #273: Summer TV Roundup

Colin Ferguson joins us from Vancouver while filming season five of Eureka. We take a quick trip through all the awesome recent season finales and shows returning to TV this summer. And we run down the week in geek, including the only food truck to complete the Kessel Run in 12 parsecs and the sad […]


GWC #177: Eureka, Interview with Colin Ferguson

In this mid-week bonus podcast we explore the wonderful world of Eureka — just in time for the new premiere, complete with special guest Colin Ferguson! Highlights: We discuss the town of Eureka with its famous sheriff, offer numerous reasons why you should check out this awesome show, wonder whether Carter’s smart-home computer talks dirty […]


Why You Should Watch Eureka

So your DVR is empty. You’ve probably re-watched a DVD of a favorite show and have added an extra movie to your Netflix subscription to fill the void, right? Why on Earth wouldn’t you want to catch fresh new content in the form of one of the funniest and new shows out there? On a […]


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