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GWC #193: Cosmos, Carl Sagan, Interview with Ann Druyan, Nick Sagan, Dan Werthimer

This week: Ann Druyan and Nick Sagan give us a unique and heartfelt look into the origins of Cosmos and Contact — and what esteemed scientist, citizen, father, and husband Carl Sagan was really like. SETI @ Home chief scientist Dan Werthimer explains humanity’s actual plan for how to deal with the discovery of an […]


GWC #191: Cosmos, Techstuff, Interview with Jonathan Strickland, Chris Pollette, John Boswell

This week: We run down some awesome news items including the upcoming Tekken 6 release, The Plan’s leak (no spoilers, of course, as we won’t see it until the release next week), some awesome SG-U featurettes, Dollhouse’s fate, and Joss Whedon’s Glee gig. The guys from’s TechStuff podcast join us to offer their perspective […]


GWC #190: Cosmos, Carl Sagan, SETI, Interview with Dr. Eric Korpela

This week with continue the Cosmos arc, taking some time out to dive into a cool way to contribute to the search for alien intelligence: SETI @ Home. Highlights: we wonder where our flying car (and Space Shuttle replacement) is, wonder if concentration of political power might have affected past commitment to exploration, discuss the […]


GWC #188: Cosmos, Carl Sagan

In this episode we get down on some science fact! Highlights: we get the “billyons and billyons” jokes out of the way up front, enjoy Cosmos’ wonderful mix of astronomy and humanities, ponder the role of man in the keeping of history, discuss the difference between fact and opinion, enjoy the awesome circle of inspiration […]


A Glorious Dawn (Feat. Stephen Hawking)

Yeah, auto-tune’s become all the joke lately, with enterprising folks applying T-Painery to everything from cats meowing to Mr. T. But the above video is no joke. It’s pretty darn bad-ass. And it’s significant when you consider that we’re just a few weeks away from taking a fun look at Cosmos.


Who’s Our Next Science Hero?

A recent post on Slashdot asked: Where will we find the next “science hero?” The author implied that ever since Carl Sagan finished Cosmos, no one’s stepped up to bring science to the public as effectively. Thankfully, I’m not sure that’s true! But read on for my top four Carl Sagan replacement contenders — plus […]


Carl Sagan + Stamp = Cool

The inimitable David Pescovitz at BoingBoing discovered today that “the Sagan Appreciation Society is petitioning the US Postal Service to issue a postage stamp honoring astronomer and science writer Carl Sagan.” Personally, I’m entirely for it. I grew up — as did Sean — on episodes of Cosmos. And while the movie Contact was fun, […]


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