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GWC #276: News Show, FSL 3.0 Round 2

We got a little carried away running down the week in geek this week, including some non-spoilery X-Men: First Class discussion, a recommendation of Tiger and Bunny, Chuck’s late-to-the-show comments on completing Mass Effect 2 and finally watching the end of Caprica, thoughts on the significance of San Diego Comic Con in terms of promotion […]


A Fond Caprica “Final Five” Farwell

In the past two minutes I turned off the final episode of Caprica, hit save on the DVR and turned on my laptop. Almost three weeks after SyFy aired the final five Caprica episodes I was able to complete the January 4th, 2011 marathon. Somehow I had managed to stay Caprica spoiler-free until today and […]


Will V stay on my TV?

In the fall of 2009, there seemed to be an endless number of continued and new television shows Shooter Jr and I were looking forward to watching. Eighteen months later, it is a very different landscape on our DVR and TV Guide. Granted, there are still some great shows left but there a quite a […]


GWC #253: Animation Arc, Part I

We kick off our animation arc with Ratatouille. We take some great listener calls. And we run down the week in geek, including new Fable III DLC, a bunch of awesome new shows coming to TV this year, a discussion of the top downloaded shows of 2010, quantitative analysis of the #LessAmbitionsMovies Twitter meme, new […]


Why Caprica was no Haven (To Me) – Reflections A Week Removed From Cancellation

Confession #1: I watched Caprica out of loyalty to Battlestar Galactica. BSG brought me back to the scifi genre. Somewhere between leaving college and rebuilding my life after my divorce I stopped watching science fiction. Somewhere between the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and Star Trek: Voyager television shows simultaneously airing I decided to focus […]


GWC #206: Caprica, Chuck, Big Bang Theory, Sanctuary

This week: We take some air time to round up some of the awesome TV we’ve been watching over the last couple of months including Caprica, Chuck, Big Bang Theory, and Sanctuary. We wrap up the fantasy sci-fi challenge with an awards ceremony. And we take some sweet listener calls. And we run down the […]


All Of This Has Happened Before…

We’ve been waiting for it. We’ve marked our calendars and counted the months for the Battlestar Galactica tele-movie, The Plan. Sometime in June SyFy president Dave Howe mentioned it would air in November. However, now the network says The Plan will not air in 2009. This should come as no surprise.


Virtuality: The Next Best Show You May Not See

If you happened to miss Virtuality‘s premiere on FOX, it wouldn’t surprise me. If not for the GWC hivemind, I would have. In my opinion, it wasn’t promoted very well. Far be it for me to question the marketing decisions of a highly successful network — but they dropped the ball. Created by Ronald D. […]


Live From SDCC: Panels, Panels, Panels!

You might recognize these guys. I snapped this right as Joseph Adama grabbed his “baby boy” crooning, “My son, my son!” Read on for more fun panel moments from Friday.


Live From SDCC: Friday’s Caprica/BSG Panel, Swag, And Bender

Lookie who dropped in on the Caprica/BSG The Plan panel! Good news, too: we’re happy to hear Jane Espenson is showrunner for Caprica! Read on for more pix from Friday.


Caprica Begins Production, Snags Buffy Writer

Anxiously awaiting news on the BSG prequel series, Caprica? Jane Espenson breaks the silence with a couple of gems via Twitter: the cast gathered yesterday for the first table read, and writer Drew Greenberg (Buffy, Smallville, The O.C., Dexter) has joined the Caprica team.


TV Squad Nabs Caprica Prequel Details

Though some would consider these spoilers — if very minor ones — the folks over at TV Squad caught a casting call for the upcoming BSG prequel Caprica, and it gives a pretty good indication of how the show will proceed. We’ll leave it up to you whether you click the link below, but here’s […]


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