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Modern Geek #84: Cameras, Readers and Mice

This week Juan reviews his latest acquisition (Logitech T400 mouse), a deeper look is taken at the iPad app “Mr. Reader”, and Chuck gives us an update on his waterproof camera.


Modern Geek #83: June Omnibus

It’s been a month between Modern Geeks, and Chuck and Juan deliver a bonus-length episode! Chuck takes us through his latest purchase (a weatherproof/sportproof camera), Juan finds yet another use for a Raspberry Pi (a sprinkler automation system), and both have a lot to say about the recent developments with Microsoft and XBOX One.


Modern Geek #30: AT&T Fees, Multi-Monitors

We catch up on some news, including new password leaks by multiple companies, Syrian officials’ lame-ass passwords (12345? Really?), and Kodak’s exit from the world of digital cameras. We note the oft-overlooked versioning features in Google Docs. We run down some new fees and changes to AT&T mobile users’ accounts. And we answer Gizmodo’s recent […]


Pre-SDCC 2011 Expectations

Tomorrow I leave for my geek post-graduate final exercise. It’s been just a few years since my return to Geekdom, and I’ve enjoyed every minute of it. I’ve connected with other like-minded geeks. I’ve experienced new-to-me sci-fi material like Farscape and Buffy. I’ve re-emerged myself in gaming. I’ve collected science fiction memorabilia. I’ve purchased geek-related […]


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