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BSG Government: Options Beyond Democracy and Monarchy

In the last podcast we lamented the sorry state of the civilian fleet in BSG — the fact that every time we hear about them they’re involved in some kind of mob-like behavior like rioting, selling each other’s children, or electing Baltar president. Like Kay said in MIB, “A person is smart. People are dumb, […]


Roslin’s Legitimacy: What do you think?

We’ve talked about this numerous times in past podcasts, and a few listeners and readers have commented about it again recently: Laura Roslin has never actually been elected president. She entered the presidency via the mass death of those ahead of her in the chain, and her second stint came about via a “back room […]


Awesome Comment Roundup

We’re always talking in the podcast about the kick-ass comments that our listeners post here at Damn, we’re lucky you take the time to send us all these great ideas! I thought I’d take a minute and run down some of my personal favorites from the ones posted (or emailed) in the last few […]


Meat Processors (or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Cylons)

There’s nothing at all wrong with the fact that we’ve all been totally geeking out over the last week or two, just breathing in the sweet air of sci-fi battle goodness. We could talk for an hour about the Galactica’s incredible arrival in Exodus, Pt. 2 — not to mention Pegasus’ save-the-dayjump— but…Wait. We did […]


Analogy vs. Allegory

By writing this, I’m risking (again) becoming the target of numerous “keep your personal politics out of your podcast” emails, so if you’re firing up your mailer right now, hold on a second or two and read this post at least twice first. Agreed? OK — here goes… Encarta defines allegory as “a work in […]


Show Meets World

It’s hard to say whether the premiere episode(s) of Season 3 (Occupation/Precipice) have become too-obvious political statements about the real world, but this topic sparked a discussionat our BSG get-together Friday night. One strong argument contends that the show’s emphasis on a war with blurred boundaries, an occupation whose support is faltering from within its […]


Four Weddings and a Cylon

I mentioned in podcast #8 that at least four weddings between main characters have taken place off-screen since the fleet’s settlement on New Caprica: Starbuck and Anders, Chief Tyrol and Cally, Dee and Apollo, and…Helo and Sharon. In the Season 3 premiere episode Sharon is formally inducted into the fleet (again), given a uniform, and […]


Three Meals Away from Anarchy

We’ll have another podcast out to you tomorrow with lots of discussion about webisode eight, but I couldn’t wait to weigh in with a few thoughts. First and foremost: What? Aaron’s sorry that they killed 10-or-so “innocent” humans in the temple? If he’s sorry about that “tragedy” he must be downright apologetic about murdering 20 […]


Are the Cylons More Human Than Human?

Today in the Podcast we came across an interesting topic. What are the limits in the war? Though I think Chuck will vehemently disagree with me on this, I am pro “kick cylon tail” by whatever means available. I don’t think mass attempted genocide with the follow-up of robbing reproductive organs of human women and […]


Big Brother-Bot is Watching

I’m unsettled by what seems to be a growingcomplacency among the people on New Caprica. The members of the fledgling Resistance are an exception, I think, not the rule. In the first webisode, we see posters aimed at recruiting people into the Cylon-controlled police force, and Jammer tears it down in disgust, claiming that anyone […]


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