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GWC #164: Star Trek X: Nemesis

In our penultimate Trek movie arc podcast we leap into Nemesis and get ready for next week’s Trek XI premiere! Highlights: we note the seeming popularity of Betazoid weddings (and Picard’s joy in attending one), enjoy Nemesis’ disco-friendly patent leather villian suit, discuss the strategy of firing weapons while cloaked, hear Sean’s description of Reman […]


GWC #163: Star Trek IX: Insurrection

Up this week: Insurrection! Highlights: we search our memories for non-crapbag Trek admirals (and speculate on how Starfleet’s admiral training assures such uniform crapbagdom), hear Audra’s boob report (featuring Anij’s dunk in the lake, Crusher and Troi’s discussion, and Data’s mimic), wonder what else happened during Picard and Anij’s time-stop date, note LeVar’s awesomely-expressive eyes […]


GWC #162: Star Trek VIII: First Contact

We’re in the end run of our Trek arc leading up to the new movie! Highlights: we note the fact that LeVar Burton seems to get more buff as he ages, debate the hotness (and moistness) of the Borg Queen, discuss Picards newer, kinder way of jacking mercilessly with the timeline, wonder what happens when […]


ST:TNG — Yesterday’s Enterprise

Audra and I have been picking our way through a variety of Star Trek: The Next Generation episodes — most recently one of our favorites: Yesterday’s Enterprise. For those of you not familiar with the episode — yes, both of you — it features the unexpected arrival of an earlier Enterprise (NCC-1701C) from 22 years […]


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