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Modern Geek #83: June Omnibus

It’s been a month between Modern Geeks, and Chuck and Juan deliver a bonus-length episode! Chuck takes us through his latest purchase (a weatherproof/sportproof camera), Juan finds yet another use for a Raspberry Pi (a sprinkler automation system), and both have a lot to say about the recent developments with Microsoft and XBOX One.


Modern Geek #32: OS X Mountain Lion Preview (Bonus)

We walk you through some of the recently-exposed features coming down the pike for OS X users this summer in the form of OS X 10.8, Mountain Lion, including Airplay screen sharing, iMessage for the desktop, Notification Center, Game Center, enhanced iCloud integration, calendar/notes tweaks, Reminders (with iCloud sync), additional Twitter integration, and the dreaded […]


GWC #310: Bonus Live Meetup Q&A w/Chuck & Juan

In this bonus episode Chuck and Juan podcast live to answer questions from chat about the upcoming 2012 GWC International Meetup in Dallas, TX March 16-18. If this is your first GWC podcast, you might want to look back (or ahead) one for a normal GWC experience. Announcements: Our block of rooms releases on February […]


Modern Geek #26: VHS Conversion Story, PS3 Analog Sticks

In this bonus episode we tell the tale of what’s probably the most Rube Goldberg VHS conversion you’ve ever heard — “Step 1: Recompile ffmpeg” — resulting in Chuck recovering a copy of an old Super8 film he shot 20 years ago. And we take a listener call from the UK resulting in a discussion […]


Modern Geek #19: Listener Calls, Podcast Rig Geeking

In this bonus episode of Modern Geek, we take listener calls, including a question about WiFi slowdowns on the iPhone, a successful Roku-based cutting of the cable TV cord, and an inquiry as to the best camera choice for taking pictures of active children. Also, we geek out a bit about the technical hurdles we […]


Modern Geek #11: Apple Event Coverage (Bonus)

Yep, we talk about the October 4, 2011 Apple event, including the release of some new apps, iOS5, iCloud, slightly-changed iPod Nanos/Touches, and the new iPhone 4S. Have questions about all the new shizz that we didn’t answer? Give us a call or drop us an email and we’ll do our best.


Modern Geek #7: Halo Night (Bonus)

In this bonus episode, we let you join in one of our weekly social activities: Halo night. Shooting the crap while shooting the Covenant, we discuss some of the tools available to help the modern geek socialize with distant friends, as well as the history of such technologies, including BBSs and early MMOs.


Modern Geek #5: Voicemail Show

You called, and we respond! Since we didn’t have time to address all your (awesome) calls in this week’s main episode, we added this bonus voicemail show. Highlights: We describe some of the technical magic that automatically strips, converts, and positions the voicemails that come in to all the various GWC podcast. We hear MG […]


Sneak Peek: The Star Wars BluRays w/iPad App

Though the BluRays don’t release until September 16th, Twentieth Century Fox released an iPad app which they claim offers “a varied sampling of bonus materials featured in the collection including never-before-seen content sourced from the Lucasfilm archives.” Admittedly, it seems that all the cool stuff in the app will be available on the BluRays when […]


GWC #278.5: Bonus! Audra and Chuck’s STS-135 Live Launch Commentary

Audra and Chuck offer an hour’s worth of commentary over the live NASA TV feed. They pick up around 15 minutes before the launch and wrap up with an approximately 30 minute post-launch discussion of the future of the space program. We hope you enjoy this bonus content! And if you’re a first-time GWC listener, […]


GWC #262: Bonus Time Travel

In this short bonus podcast we extend our time travel arc by imagining how we’d become evil time travelers. And we run down the week in geek, including the new Voltron movie, the Space Shuttle Discovery’s last mission, and lots of gaming news. Also, we offer some last minute news about this week’s GWC International […]


GWC #228.5: Pre-SDCC Bonus w/Matt Fraction

In this short bonus podcast Audra and Chuck take a few moments to discuss W00tstock (and a seriously crazy San Diego Comic Con schedule) with comic author Matt Fraction. Plus, we take some pre-SDCC listener calls. If this is your first GWC podcast, check out #228 for a full 2+ hour ‘cast, or check out […]


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