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GWC GWC Podcast #149: Call Show

We didn’t have time for many calls in last Saturday’s BSG 4.5: The Oath podcast, so we added this mid-week show to take twenty of the over 100 calls we’ve received over the last week. Highlights: lots of Zarek vs. Adamlin discussion, some great why-is-Gaeta-doing-this theories, and lots of general listener goodness.


GWC GWC Podcast #148

Think things can’t get crazier in BSG 4.5? Witness The Oath. Joined this week by Michael Trucco, we take in the Starbuck and Adama badassery (and compare Starbuck’s hangar bay arrival to Mal’s at the end of the Firefly pilot), lament Seelix and Racetrack’s misguided betrayals, suffer the loss of reason as Zarek releases his […]


GWC GWC Podcast #147

This week we take in BSG’s A Disquiet Follows My Soul and are joined by the irreplacable Nicki Clyne. Highlights: we wonder why Tigh seems so comfortable with pregnant-Six having just seen Ellen, explore the long-term effects of discovering the human nature of Callie’s baby, note that we finally saw Gaeta’s meeting from the end […]


GWC GWC Podcast #145 (Live!)

This podcast was recorded live January 16, 2009 just following the BSG season 4.5 premiere. We’re joined by numerous guests including Kandyse McClure, Luciana Carro, BSG writer/producer Bradley Thompson, and show creator Ron Moore. Long-time GWCers BKitty and Lady D report live from the cast/crew premiere frak party in L.A. Highlights? They’re just too numerous […]


GWC GWC Podcast #144

Today brings the final BSG season 4.5 ‘sode, #10 — and our final podcast before the season 4.5 premiere this Friday! Highlights: We ponder Gaeta’s racist swing, enjoy another great Racetrack “find,” feel bad for Tigh after Gaeta’s obvious mistrust, wonder what cylon technology might keep the fleet functioning, speculate one final time on the […]


GWC GWC Podcast #143

This week we re-watch the BSG season 4.0 finale, Revelations, in preparation for next week’s 4.5 premiere! Highlights: we wonder who’s really the president (and who’s really in charge) at this point, remember again how badass Saul Tigh is (especially in Revelations), talk about why Adama lost it, analyze Three’s “four are in the fleet” […]


GWC GWC Podcast #142 (Bonus)

Today we watch the awesome BSG Season 4.5 ‘Sode #9. Highlights: we worry about Gaeta’s (hopeful) return to Galactica, question Gaeta’s post Baltar-whisper reaction, wonder what really happened on New Caprica (vs. what Gaeta thinks happened), and wonder what this all means to Season 4.0. After a well-placed warning, we also discuss material from the […]


GWC GWC Podcast #141 (Bonus)

It’s Monday, so it must be time for BSG 4.5 ‘sode #8. Highlights: we recognize Crazy 8’s crazy eight-ness, appreciate Hoshi’s dedication (and will to quit when the time’s right), debate BYBBQ8’s trustworthiness (based on her conflicting statements), discuss the best way to ‘off BYBBQ8, wonder if Racetrak’ll find Racetrackworld (where no one ever loses […]


GWC GWC Podcast #140

We begin our windup to the BSG season 4.5 premiere with a watch of the awesome Catch The Frak Up video. Highlights: we recognize Tigh as (now) one of the most stable people on in the Colonial fleet, remember how everything’s already beginning to fall apart for the Cylons (and colonials), discuss Cally’s incredible hotness […]


GWC GWC Podcast #139 (Bonus)

Technically we’re discussing BSG 4.5 ‘sode #7 in this bonus ‘cast, but since the ‘sode is only about 40 seconds long we digress quite a bit. Highlights: we decide once and for all that BYBBQ8 is indeed a creepster, note that today’s “reveal” was about as exciting as Quizno’s, are regaled with Sean’s Fable 2 […]


GWC GWC Podcast #138 (Bonus)

Today we get BSG 4.5 ‘sode #6 — as long as you haven’t cheated and grabbed ’em from Amazon. (We haven’t!) Highlights: we debate the creepiness vs. evilness of Backyard BBQ 8, wonder if Gaeta hasn’t been as celibate as we thought earlier in BSG, discuss the nature of free will as applied to 8s […]


Why I Love Gaeta

Okay, so maybe it’s the sudden spark of love interest(s?) for Gaeta in the webisodes, or maybe that cute tiger tattoo has finally smitten me, but I’ve got to give some love to Felix Gaeta. First of all, the man is downright handsome. Sure, a teeny bit effeminate compared with the hunky Anders or the […]


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