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Live From SDCC: Panels, Panels, Panels!

You might recognize these guys. I snapped this right as Joseph Adama grabbed his “baby boy” crooning, “My son, my son!” Read on for more fun panel moments from Friday.


Live From SDCC: Friday’s Caprica/BSG Panel, Swag, And Bender

Lookie who dropped in on the Caprica/BSG The Plan panel! Good news, too: we’re happy to hear Jane Espenson is showrunner for Caprica! Read on for more pix from Friday.


Live From SDCC: Bear McCreary Concert Photos

An intrepid GWCer (whose name we’ll keep secret to protect the guilty) pantsed a camera to slip it by the House of Blues security staff and bring you these photos from the show. Yes, they’re a little shady. But hey: they (note my Chasing Amy pronoun game) weren’t able to pull the camera out much. […]


Live From SDCC: Raffle Prize!

Don’t you just love raffles? D won the above “prop” patch, and she says they gave away lots more — like a “set” of rank pins and an olive-green uniform. Nice!


GWC #158: Battlestar Galactica, Interview with Michael Hogan

Besides taking some listener calls regarding the finale, we’re joined by special guest Michael Hogan, who gave us what’s likely the best BSG wrap-up experience we’re likely to find. Thanks again to everyone who attended the first annual GWC National Meetup! Look for our regularly-scheduled podcast tomorrow morning.


GWC GWC Podcast #157 Live From The GWC Nat’l Meetup

We watch the BSG finale with GWCers from around the country and world this week, then podcast live from the first GWC National Meetup in Frisco, TX. Highlights: Well, as far as I’m concerned this cast’s highlight is the audience. Together we make sense of BSG’s wrap-up episode, diving into deep issues like who is […]


GWC GWC Podcast #156: BSG 4.5 Daybreak, Part 1

It’s the penultimate BSG episode! Highlights: We discuss meeting Baltar’s father and the episode’s dramatic deepening of Caprica Six and her relationship with Baltar, tear into the heady philosophical questions of what makes one human and what God is, note how each flashback shows us a key beginning that made the show’s current state possible, […]


GWC GWC Podcast #155: BSG 4.5 Islanded In A Stream Of Stars

We’re in the final countdown to the end of BSG — only two episodes left. Highlights: We wonder if Anders has become the new Galactica hybrid, try to puzzle out the meaning of the projected “betrayal house,” ponder Hera’s future, recognize the human recognition of cylon worth via a mass funeral, feel for Helo’s sad […]


GWC GWC Podcast #154: BSG 4.5 Someone To Watch Over Me

In tonight’s BSG we get a few answers — and more questions. Highlights: we talk head character proliferation, study Starbuck’s father’s name, are down with Helo-the-guy-who-buys-back-Kara’s-stuff (and feel sorry for Helo-the-guy-who-accidentally-jumped-Boomer), analyze Head Dad, struggle with the connections between Hera’s kidnapping and Chief’s projection-daughter’s disapperance (and Roslin’s scene at the end of the show), suggest […]


GWC GWC Podcast #153: Call Show!

In this mid-week bonus ‘cast we take a few of the many listener calls we’ve received over the past few weeks. Highlights: we discuss the agenda of BSG’s “head” characters, ponder Adama’s relationship (realistically and metaphorically) to the Galactica, enjoy the fact that listeners give Ron Moore crap about remembering BSG details too, address the […]


GWC GWC Podcast #151: BSG 4.5 No Exit

Welcome to BSG’s most revealing episode ever — No Exit! Highlights from our discussion: we try to wrap our minds around the newly-explained cylon family tree, marvel at the fact that there has in fact been a “cylon plan” all along (though it’s much more jacked-up then even grizzled BSG viewers might imagine), begin the […]


GWC GWC Podcast #150: BSG 4.5 Blood On The Scales

Up this week is BSG’s season 4.5 episode Blood on the Scales. Joined by Kate Vernon, we discuss Tom Zarek’s final disposition in the good/evil continuum (and lament the loss of the good ideas in which he sadly didn’t believe), note that the Quorum were thankfully not sheep, enjoy how yet again the trust Tyrol […]


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