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Koenig Touts Possible New B5, Straczynski Denies

Fans at last week’s Las Vegas Star Trek convention got a bit of a shocker from Walter Koenig. His quote (via “[J. Michael Staczynski] told me that he is in negotiations to re-acquire the rights to Babylon 5 and it looks pretty good. Now what that portends I am not entirely sure. It could […]


Come Frak Babylon 5 With Us!

Think sci-fi on TV means just Star Trek? Don’t forget Babylon 5! To me, Babylon 5 shows the real potential of television: long running stories with vast complexities over many seasons. Writer/director J. Michael Straczynski paved the way for shows like Lost, Heroes, Firefly, and our beloved Battlestar Galactica. Sure, the effects haven’t held up […]


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