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GWC #167: Terminator Salvation

This week we take on the the Terminator Salvation premiere. Highlights: We wonder if there isn’t any way to save humanity beyond simply protecting John Connor, question the inevitabiliy of Skynet’s evil, ask whether sentience by definition might include “feelings,” enjoy large-scale robot destruction, wonder why non-skinned terminators have teeth, and suggest in injection of […]


GWC #165: Star Trek XI

Trek XI opens and we’re there! Highlights: we enjoy the sports-jerseyesque new TOS uniforms, discuss the effect of alternate timelines on continuity, explore Trek XI’s new and unusual character relationships, dig into Uhura’s job description, and… hell, I’d love to tell you more, but I don’t want 5,000 “why did you spoil me” emails. Bottom […]


Yelchin On Aliens, S— Blowin’ Up, Etc.

As has been widely reported, Anton Yelchin — Star Trek XI’s new Checkov — indicated in an MTV interview that he won’t say “nuclear wessels” in the new flick, but will take on the whole “w” replaces “v” bit. So maybe the real “spoiler” is that Checkov never says “vessels.” Regardless, you should check out […]


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