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GWC #350: There Will Be Blood and Chrome

We are thrilled so far with the new BSG content, the web series Blood & Chrome¬†airing now on the YouTube¬†Machinima channel (and on SyFy/every other digital medium) in February 2013. We credit the series with reigniting our love for BSG with Michael Taylor’s strong writing, character development balanced with space explosions, and Luke Pasqualino’s expressive […]


Our Roslin, Ourselves

Lately, Laura Roslin’s been getting a lot of flak for her actions as president, even if the GWC polls indicate mostly favorable ratings. But I’ve noticed something new creeping into the fray: sexist rhetoric (or, one might call it, rhetoric that is hostile or condescending to women) aimed at Roslin’s character, whether intentional or not. […]


Adama in “Dirty Hands”

Yesterday and today I’ve exchanged some really informative email with some listeners, and it seems to me that I didn’t do a very good job of explaining why I was disappointed with Adama this week. I hope you’ll forgive me — I’ve had some other things on my mind, and you can probably hear that […]


Get The Lead Out

If this were a Jeopardy category it would be titled “Things that should be keeping Adama awake at night, but don’t.” Something that’s been bugging me since the fleet left the planet — I’m still not calling it New Caprica –is where the heck are they going? After we see the lion’s head nebula— which […]


What were they smoking?

Just a quick note as the new podcast finishes rendering behind me… During the flashback tonight when the Adama and Roslin were standing together drinking and smoking, Adama asked the question, “They grow this here?” Were they talking about the drink or the smoke? After recording the podcast tonight, Audra mentioned that she thought he […]


Adama’s Stand, Worthy of Shakespeare

The last episode was simply a good story, very moving and sincere. Upon reflection – okay upon watching it again, my favorite part I think is the speech that Adama gives the crew right before they are to go into battle. His words “served with such men and women” and talk about honor and the […]


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