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Save Eureka #4: This One Time at Space Camp

We contemplate the Astraeus assignments in this week’s episode This One Time at Space Camp. We muse on Aaron Douglas’ awesome camp counselor credentials. And we delve into the casting of Joe Morton as Henry and what it’s meant to the show, wonder who will finally give Wil Wheaton a non-dick role (though he does […]


Aaron Douglas At Dallas All-Con [Spoiler Alert]

Audra and I were lucky enough to catch Aaron Douglas at the Dallas All-Con event today, and greatly enjoyed his Saturday panel. For those of you who haven’t seen Mr. Douglas in person, he’s very fan-accessible, affable, and entertaining. Some interesting (and possibly very slightly spoilericious) facts gleaned from his talk: He indicated that BSG […]


Aaron Douglas In Day The Earth Stood Still Remake

Numerous blogs are reporting that every GWCers favorite Viper-head Aaron Douglas has joined the cast of the upcoming remake of The Day The Earth Stood Still. Keeanu Reeves will play the unlucky Klaatu, with Jennifer Connelly taking on the role of Helen. IMDB cites a rumor that John Cleese will play the pivotal Dr. Barnhardt, […]


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