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FitSmart #33: New Segment/Fitness Myths

We introduce what’ll be a new segment to the podcast: fitness myths. And we start with the myth of targeted fat loss — the erroneous idea that working out a specific part of the body will spur loss of fat in that area. Not so much, it seems, though there are ways to speed the […]

GWC #348: Lucas/Disney, Voicemails

In this episode, we discuss the recent acquisition news regarding Lucasfilm and Disney, and take some voicemail calls.

Eff This Week #53: Finale

In our final podcast, we send Eff this Week out in style with tales of video game character coitus, including Super Mario Brothers’, um, brotherly love; pummeling Princess Peach, and Juan-as-Lego C3PO putting the beat down on Mass Effect bigot Ashley Williams. Chuck plies Siri with his best Casey Kasem impression, Juan does the best […]

FitSmart #32: October 28, 2012

FitSmart Episode #32, recorded October 28, 2012.

Modern Geek #63: Apples, Evernote, and Nexi

We talk you (quickly) through the new Apple gear announced recently, then move on to more exciting news, like the upcoming Evernote re-design (improving sharing functionality, offering Pintrest-like views, and lots more note flexibility) and some sweet Android devices, the Nexus 10 and Nexus 4. The smartphone market is heating up, and we’re starting to […]

GWC #347: Noooooooz!

We run down the week in geek, including a Spike TV reality show offering a $10 million bounty on bigfoot, the possibility of the Governator returning as an old Conan (ignoring the Momoa era flick), more news on the Halo 4 release and storyline, the use of *face in Cloud Atlas, and much more.

Modern Geek #62: Digital Rights Mashup

This week we continue our Microsoft discussion, talking about Halo 4, XBOX Live account rights, and what you need to know with the release of Windows 8 vs. Windows RT. We take another look at the benefits and detriments of cloud-based services, and review Apple’s unfortunately disappointing Podcasts app. Plus, we read some listener feedback […]

GWC #346: Corn on Macabre

This week we celebrate Halloween by taking a close look at the psychology of scariness, including why zombies, ghosts, and Grim Reapers give so many of us delightful thrills rather than existential horror. Why are we fascinated with death and the afterlife? It’s part of what makes us human. We look at cultural differences in […]

FitSmart #31: October 14th 2012

FitSmart #31, recorded October 14, 2012

Modern Geek #61: Showrooming

What a week – Microsoft decrees itself a devices and services company, Best Buy is price matching Amazon, and the Raspberry Pi now sports 512MB! We discuss the creeping migration from the “own your software” model to a “software as a service” rate plan, and start to realize that our minds may be changing on […]

GWC #345: War of the Worlds

We discuss the historic 1938 broadcast of War of the Worlds, what it means historically, why we associate it with Halloween, what it tells us about our society, and how our view of the radio show’s aftermath is affected by shifts in digital media. Also, we run down the week in geek, including the fan […]

Eff This Week #52: Restaurant Lips

Another week, another effing! Audra gets us off on the right foot with (yet another) pee story, and we spend the rest of the ‘cast desperately trying to stay away from Twitter and the political debates.


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