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Will the Phoenix rise again?

In the episode “Flight of the Phoenix” Chief Tyrol gets the creative itch to build a ship. I consider it to be one of the best episodes of the entire canon. There are a bunch more action packed and a few more sexy episodes, but this one of the character building stories for the Chief. […]

Fat Lee? (Or, Apollo gets gaDUNKadunk)

And God said “be fruitful and multiply.” Well, Apollo hasn’t been fruitful in the show (yet), but he seems to have multiplied. Don’t get me wrong–he still looks good, but D, you gotta take charge and help this man become fruitful. That is, make him eat fruit. Not donuts. Since Jamie Bamber took us through […]

GWC GWC Podcast #1

In this ‘cast — our first — we discuss the webisodes as well as a good bit of Galactica history and the path forward into season three.  Highlights: We theorize on how humanity might escape Cylon occupation, we lament the loss of Billy, and we say things about ET that you’ll never forget — even […]

Killing Billy was not cool.

Ok I’m signing in to say that killing Billy was not cool. I understand nothing is sacred in the Battlestar universeand some things get out of hand, much like life. However Billy was one of the good guys and we hate to see him go.

Welcome to Galactica Watercooler!

After spending just about every Monday morning last season discussing the new episode we all saw the Friday before, we decided to launch this project to share our discussions with you — and hopefully to allow you to share in the discussion as well. Each week we’ll post our discussion about BSG’s characters, story, and […]


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