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Why I Think Sean is a Cylon

Has anyone else noticed that the humans in BSG, as well as your friends here at Galactica Watercooler, have always referred to the Cylons asa plural – that is, CylonS with an S? In the Season 3 premiere episode, for the first time, we hear them referred to as “the Cylon,” plural. You know, like […]

Show Meets World

It’s hard to say whether the premiere episode(s) of Season 3 (Occupation/Precipice) have become too-obvious political statements about the real world, but this topic sparked a discussionat our BSG get-together Friday night. One strong argument contends that the show’s emphasis on a war with blurred boundaries, an occupation whose support is faltering from within its […]

Four Weddings and a Cylon

I mentioned in podcast #8 that at least four weddings between main characters have taken place off-screen since the fleet’s settlement on New Caprica: Starbuck and Anders, Chief Tyrol and Cally, Dee and Apollo, and…Helo and Sharon. In the Season 3 premiere episode Sharon is formally inducted into the fleet (again), given a uniform, and […]

Shake Off This Mortal Coil

Something has been bothering me about the cylon for some time now and I haven’t quite been able to put my finger on it till now. With Audra’s last post about cylon on cylon violence it struck me. One of the things that make us human is the fact that we get one go at […]

Cylon-on-Cylon Violence

In the Season 3 premiere, I thought it was intriguing that D’anna Biers (Number 3) points out that Caprica Six was the first Cylon to commit violence against another Cylon. (As you remember from Episode 218, “Downloaded,” Six cracked D’anna over the head with a giant rock and then freed Anders.) But immediately after this […]

GWC GWC Podcast #8

We just watched the premiere, and though it answered a lot of questions, it generated many, many more.  Highlights: Questioning whether the individual “models” of Cylon are interconnected (and if Sharon could  “pass” with a flesh Cylon), wondering what’ll happen when Sharon finds out that her baby’s alive, lots of speculation on Baltar’s future, and lamenting having ever […]

Baltar’s Six/Six’s Baltar

We just finished our marathon run through the whole Galactica canon — just in time for tonight’s premiere! — and this time around I was really struck by the appearance of Baltar in “Caprica Six’s” head. I suppose the first time around I was so overwhelmed by the humanity’s surrender that I missed some really […]

GWC GWC Podcast #7

In this ‘cast we cover the last webisode — number ten — and move on to speculate into season three and beyond. Highlights: Jammer’s “betrayal,” Baltar’s future in BSG, the “pregnancy pillow,” and Cylon STDs. Note: We call this podcast #6, but it’s actually #7. That’s what happens when we scramble to put out two podcasts in […]

The Recruitment Poster

Though it’s not posted quite yet we did have a 6th podcast yesterday. I was very curious to know after the ‘cast what the recruitment poster outside the jail on New Caprica said. So as usual being the anal, have to know type of dude I am… I freeze framed and zoomed in to find […]

GWC GWC Podcast #6

In this special edition of GWC we respond to some calls from a listener.  Highlights: Starbuck’s “special” relationship with Tigh, Caprica Six and the resistance, and everyone’s favorite topic (at least when not confronted with it personally) — sex and love.

Sharon’s Baby: Hera/Isis

We received a call today reminding us that Sharon actually named her baby “Hera” — after the Greek goddess, we’d imagine. In Podcast #5 we refer to her as “Isis.” Technically, both of these names are correct as far as we can tell. Though Sharon originally named her “Hera,” her name was changed to “Isis” […]

Podcast #6 Tomorrow

Normally we try and keep the GWC blog clear of news and focused on the Galactica story and characters, but I wanted to let you know that we’ve carved out a bit of extra time tomorrow to sit down and respond to some of the comment calls we’ve received. So, keep an eye out for […]


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