Save Eureka

We’re big fans of Eureka, and we hated to see it go. We created these podcasts in the hopes of changing SyFy’s mind about Eureka’s cancellation, but ended up at least sendingĀ Eureka off in style by discussing each new episode (old ones, too!) and sharing what makes the show so special to us. You’ll find enjoyment and analysis of each Eureka episode here as well as cast interviews and a great wrap-up after Eureka’s bittersweet finale.


#10: Alienated

We meet sir-not-appearing-later-in-this-series Spencer. We love Taggart’s awesome, tricked-out Ford F150. And we take on the important question: Is Stark a bit of a dick?


#9: Before I Forget

We watch the scary episode Before I Forget. We suggest that maybe one shouldn’t cross Kim. We Enjoy learning a bit more about Zoe. And we discuss just how much our realities rely on memory. Thanks again for this week’s awesome listener calls!


#8: Many Happy Returns

We continue our Eureka re-watch with the first full-season episode, Many Happy Returns. We discuss the introduction of some new characters. We muse about the qualities of “old Carter” (as opposed to the more experienced Carter we’re used to in season four) and how the character of Nathan Stark fills a much-needed role in the […]


#7: One Giant Leap

We have some fun with Eureka’s season finale, eventually settling down to speculate as to what might come of the Astraeus mission. And we comment significantly on Fargo’s “giant leap.” Haven’t had enough Eureka yet? Next week we rejoin our Eureka rewatch, which will continue throughout the off-season. If you’ve got a minute, give us […]


#6: One Small Step

We watch this week’s awesome new episode One Small Step. We discuss Taggart’s return to Eureka. We talk about Jo’s incredible cross-dimensional, time-traveling web of personal relationships. We enjoy some closure in alternate-Zane’s involvement with Jo. We dive into the incredible depth Eureka’s writers give to characters like SARAH and Andy, comparing the AI story […]


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