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We’re big fans of Eureka, and we hated to see it go. We created these podcasts in the hopes of changing SyFy’s mind about Eureka’s cancellation, but ended up at least sendingĀ Eureka off in style by discussing each new episode (old ones, too!) and sharing what makes the show so special to us. You’ll find enjoyment and analysis of each Eureka episode here as well as cast interviews and a great wrap-up after Eureka’s bittersweet finale.


#16: Primal

It’s Stark! No, it’s Starks! We check out the nano-bots -bits -thingies in Primal and hear Chuck’s argument for an army of Chucks to do his bidding (or, um, not). Also: We see some great Carter/Zoe interaction and a deepening of a number of Eureka’s core characters.


#15: Right as Raynes

We enjoy the humanization of Dr. Stark as we watch Right as Raynes. We discuss Beverly’s odd position as therapist to an entire town (that knows each other very well) and her similarities to Counselor Troi on TNG. We notice Raynes’ Geth-like qualities. And we enjoy Henry’s mad firefighting skills.


#14: Blink

Sheriff Carter takes a step backward relationship-wise in this “out of time” episode. Besides having a little fun with Fargo’s big appetite, we take this opportunity to discuss the production process and what can lead to episodes airing in a different order than originally written. Also, we’re joined by in-studio guest Shooter.


#12: Dr. Nobel

We witness the beginning of the end for Jack’s infamous Jeep this week as we rewatch the episode Dr. Nobel. We discuss bad office space experiences. We wonder how reverse screws stumped Henry and the geniuses at Global. And we speculate on the history of this weeks octogenarian scientists.


#11: Invincible

We check out this week’s re-watch episode, Invincible, in which Saul Rubinek (Artie from Warehouse 13) appears as an over-tough, under-friendly scientist in Eureka. We speculate on why the Eureka community doesn’t sense Beverly’s duplicity, why Nathan Stark really isn’t that bad a guy after all, and what exactly it takes to get redacted.


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