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We’re big fans of Eureka, and we hated to see it go. We created these podcasts in the hopes of changing SyFy’s mind about Eureka’s cancellation, but ended up at least sendingĀ Eureka off in style by discussing each new episode (old ones, too!) and sharing what makes the show so special to us. You’ll find enjoyment and analysis of each Eureka episode here as well as cast interviews and a great wrap-up after Eureka’s bittersweet finale.


#27: Noche de Suenos

It’s dream time (in a shared sense), and we definitely spend some time analyzing Jo and Fargo’s experience as well as Carter’s au natural trip for coffee. We consider the glimpse this episode gives us into Allison and Stark’s motivations in terms of how they approach this potential solution to Kevin’s problems, both past and […]


#26: Duck, Duck, Goose

Is Carter’s IQ really 111? We suspect it’s significantly higher. And we definitely wonder what kind of place Eureka is if Zoe’s score of 157 falls in the 92% percentile; that’s in the 99.8th percentile of the general public. We also enjoy Eureka’s Chinese anti-satellite test name-check, get a big kick out of some classic […]


#25: Games People Play

The introduction of Jack’s ex-wife Abby helps uncover a lot of backstory on Jack, Abby, and of course Zoe. We discuss Zoe and Carter’s incredible integration into the Eureka community and what might place Carter and her into a standoff, each waiting for the other to make the first move to say they want to […]


#23: Unpredictable

We dive into yet another awesome B and C story episode in which we meet some new characters including Pilar and Jack’s first evil ex, Abby. We talk relationships and passive aggression in terms of Jack’s history. We enjoy the building tension over Henry’s unresolved issues. And we get a big kick out of Fargo’s […]


#22: Try, Try Again

Season two rolls on with our first major Fargo episode of the show’s history. Also we get a look at Henry’s motivations and direction as well as a major arc plot event. We note Eureka’s ability to go from zero to nuking-you-in-the-bottom-of-a-pit in zero seconds flat. We discuss the introduction of Larry as a unique […]


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