Save Eureka

We’re big fans of Eureka, and we hated to see it go. We created these podcasts in the hopes of changing SyFy’s mind about Eureka’s cancellation, but ended up at least sendingĀ Eureka off in style by discussing each new episode (old ones, too!) and sharing what makes the show so special to us. You’ll find enjoyment and analysis of each Eureka episode here as well as cast interviews and a great wrap-up after Eureka’s bittersweet finale.


#32: God Is In The Details

As we eagerly anticipate the return of new Eureka we continue our rewatch with the episode God Is In The Details.


#31: Sight Unseen

An invisibility potion gone awry brings Carter and Zoe closer together while moving the Beverly plot forward and threatening everyone’s well-being.


#30: Meetup Eureka/Our Favorites

We’re joined by a couple of Eureka fans who skipped dinner at the 2012 GWC International Meetup to talk Eureka. (They’re big fans, like us, yo!) We run down some of our favorite moments, favorite characters, and favorite storylines. Note: We talk full season 4 in this episode, so if you’re watching for the first […]


#29: E=MC

Yet again Carter saves the day with some simple logic in E=MC. We check out the first appearance of one of our favorite characters, Zane, and chat about what each character’s “dumb” version says about them and the show.


#28: Family Reunion

We discuss Carter’s history and reasons for his overprotective nature with Zoe. We enjoy Fargo’sĀ ascension to main character status. And we discuss Carter’s decision to deny Zoe coffee in detail, leading to recollections of some of our own childhood caffeine foolishness.


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