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#8: Unlimited Data, Hosting a Personal Blog

We talk a bit about the realities of “unlimited” data plans. We dive into the ins, outs, and available options for hosting a personal blog. And we address a listener concern: what to do when you want to share a Google+ meetup with someone local to you.


#7: Halo Night (Bonus)

In this bonus episode, we let you join in one of our weekly social activities: Halo night. Shooting the crap while shooting the Covenant, we discuss some of the tools available to help the modern geek socialize with distant friends, as well as the history of such technologies, including BBSs and early MMOs.


#6: XBox TV, Cable Management

We ponder the possibility of Microsoft “Appling” the cable TV industry with an upcoming release of a Kinect-powered streaming/on-demand video service. We discuss some of the many options available to keep cables under control in your desk and home theater setup. Chuck rants a bit about HDMI standards. And we hear from a listener about […]


#5: Voicemail Show

You called, and we respond! Since we didn’t have time to address all your (awesome) calls in this week’s main episode, we added this bonus voicemail show. Highlights: We describe some of the technical magic that automatically strips, converts, and positions the voicemails that come in to all the various GWC podcast. We hear MG […]


#4: Device Transport, G+ Mashups

We dig into the process of choosing a bag in which to carry all your mobile devices (and other stuff). We hear about Juan’s attempt to merge two G+ hangout sessions (and how we might construct a serious system to do a better job of it). We talk about this week’s Google Docs outage, musing […]


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