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#18: YouTube’s New UI/Chiptune Magic

We talk about YouTube’s user interface makeover and what it might mean for the overall Google social strategy. We geek out over an Apple II-based drum sequencer for chiptune composers. We get distracted by an awesome eBay Apple II auction. And we run down the basics of recent YouTube Content ID profiteering.


#17: 360 Dashboard Update, Boxee, Retro Gaming

We talk about the huge change coming to the Xbox 360 dashboard in the next few weeks. We dissect the addition of live TV via antennae to the Boxee Box. We drool over ThinkGeek’s awesome sub-$100 portable retro gaming rig — and quietly add it to both our Christmas lists. And we discuss a reader’s […]


#16: Black Friday/Password Security

We offer some advice on how to avoid disappointing Black Friday purchases. We talk about password security and how you can easily and dramatically increase the security of your online accounts and identity. And we take a listener call about cellular data plans.


#15: SIRI Explainer/Redundancy vs. Backup

We cover the iOS 5.0.1 release — the platform’s first OTA update. We explain the basics of how SIRI works and why outages occur. We discuss Adobe’s halt of movie/TV Flash player development and what it means to the industry. We delve into the differences between redundancy and backup when it comes to data protection, […]


#14: SSDs, Windows 8

Juan talks us through the magic of installing an SSD to give an older (but still usable) computer a serious kick in the performance ass. We talk Windows 8 and iPhone 4S battery problem updates. And we take some awesome listener calls, including an opinion on the AppleTV entertainment center solution and a killer steampunk […]


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