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GWC’s geeks jump into new material, becoming fans and passing on the experience. Rolling Stone magazine called GWC “the NPR of BSG,” and Howard Stern agreed, describing GWC (and geeking in general) as a “guilty pleasure.” Past topics include The Guild, Alien, Eureka, Eve Online, Star Trek, Terminator, Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica, Firefly, Serenity, Dr. Horrible, Tron, War Games, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Cosmos, Avatar, Batman, Transformers, X-Men, Iron Man, Mass Effect, SyFy and sci-fi programs, individuals such as Will Smith, Felicia Day, Joss Whedon, and many more!


GWC Podcast #20

It seems like season 3.0 just started, but here we are at the mid-season cliffhanger already. Highlights: Wetryto unravel the mystery of the Eye of Jupiter, love on Adama’s nerves of steel, wonder what’ll come of Anders, discuss Athena’s baby momma drama, and wish this wasn’t the last new BSG we’ll get until January! Note: […]


GWC Podcast #19

Wow. “The Passage” really moved us — and gave us a lot to think about. Highlights: Kat (’nuff said), trying to understand D’Anna and Baltar’s interpretation of hybrid-speak, speculating about the “remaining five,” and wondering why it’s so difficult for Sci-fi standards to allow Starbuck to say “gave him head.” (There — that wasn’t so […]


GWC Podcast #18

“Unfinished Business” was everything we’d hoped it would be and more. Highlights: Finally understanding what’s come between Starbuck and Lee during the occupation, confirming the (fogotten by the losers) results of last week’s quarter bets, discussing the crew’s pent up aggression, and a shout out to RDM and crew for trying the roundtable format in […]


GWC Podcast #17

Since Sci-Fi stiffed us for a new episode this week, we invited guest Martha Harbison from the magazine Popular Science to sit in with us and share some of her ideas about biological machines and Cylon viruses. Highlights: We discuss why baby blood probably isn’t a realistic cure-all, argue about centurion batteries, bet quarters on […]


GWC Podcast #16

“Hero” eschewed the main story arc in favor of some serious character development. Highlights: We discuss Adama’s culpability andD’Anna’s dreams, marvel at the can of whoop-a@# Tigh opens up (and his recovery), and shake our heads at the “Baltar sandwich.”


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