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GWC’s geeks jump into new material, becoming fans and passing on the experience. Rolling Stone magazine called GWC “the NPR of BSG,” and Howard Stern agreed, describing GWC (and geeking in general) as a “guilty pleasure.” Past topics include The Guild, Alien, Eureka, Eve Online, Star Trek, Terminator, Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica, Firefly, Serenity, Dr. Horrible, Tron, War Games, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Cosmos, Avatar, Batman, Transformers, X-Men, Iron Man, Mass Effect, SyFy and sci-fi programs, individuals such as Will Smith, Felicia Day, Joss Whedon, and many more!


GWC Podcast #25

We’re rounding out the last of our over-the-break ‘casts with a truly special set of guests: our listeners! We’re joined by a number of regular listeners and blog commenters who lead us down some interesting paths. Highlights: We review the practicality of Cylon genocide, wonder what might happen if Galactica arrived at Earth sometime in […]


GWC Podcast #24

This week we’re joined by science fiction author Tony Daniel, who was kind enough to stop by the studio in person. Those of you who’ve been jonesin’ for some straight Galactica talk in the off-season will love this ‘cast, guaranteed. Highlights: We talk downloading (a major theme in Tony’s novels Metaplanetary and Superluminal), and speculate, […]


Bonus Podcast: The Very Jerry Talks Matrix (#23)

After we stopped recording podcast #23, our guest, the Very Rev. Dr. Jerome B. Wichelns mentioned in passing that he was a big fan of the Matrix movies. Thankfully, we fired up the gear and recorded the ensuing (very fun) discussion, which we’re realeasing here as a bonus ‘cast. Note: This ‘cast contains no Battlestar […]


GWC Podcast #22

As we continue through the Christmas break, we’re joined by the Very Rev. Dr. Jerome B. Wichelns (or the “Very Jerry” as he calls himself) for an enlightening discussion regarding religion and philosophy in Galactica. Besides serving as an Episcopal priest, Dr. Wichelns recently retired from teaching philosophy at the college level. Highlights: We explore […]


GWC Podcast #21

We’re going into BSG withdrawal; Friday just doesn’t seem right without a new installation of the show. We recharge our batteries by chatting with famous online political organizer — and creator of — Zack Exley about season three so far. Highlights: We wonder when Roslin will ever actually be elected by vote, speculate on […]


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