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GWC’s geeks jump into new material, becoming fans and passing on the experience. Rolling Stone magazine called GWC “the NPR of BSG,” and Howard Stern agreed, describing GWC (and geeking in general) as a “guilty pleasure.” Past topics include The Guild, Alien, Eureka, Eve Online, Star Trek, Terminator, Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica, Firefly, Serenity, Dr. Horrible, Tron, War Games, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Cosmos, Avatar, Batman, Transformers, X-Men, Iron Man, Mass Effect, SyFy and sci-fi programs, individuals such as Will Smith, Felicia Day, Joss Whedon, and many more!


GWC Podcast #35

What is there to say about the season three finale except “wow.” Highlights: we walk through Baltar’s trial step-by-step all the way to the “jury’s” decision, consider the many, many explanations as to why we saw/didn’t see the “final five,” theorize on the possibilities of starbuck’s “fate,” and, well, wonder (just like you) how we’ll […]


GWC Podcast #34

With “Crossroads, Part 1” we’re firmly on the rollercoaster to next week’s season finale. Highlights: We ponder Lee’s “sacrifices,” question the quality of the prosecution’s case and performance, discuss Roslin’s future (personal and political), and, of course, speculate about next week’s big happenings. Also, we welcome back GWC senior legal analyst Bill Watkinson, who walks […]


GWC Podcast #33

In “The Son Also Rises” we learn a bit more about Baltar’s upcoming trial and meet his very interesting lawyer. Highlights: We question Baltar’s lawyer’s motivations for taking the case, wonder whether he might be a Cylon, try to understand the role of the captains in the “tribunal,” and ponder bad Hemingway puns. We’re joined […]


GWC Podcast #32

Wow. “Maelstrom” will easily go down as the most significant BSG episode since the miniseries. Highlights: We weigh creepy Leoben vs. non-creepy non-Leoben, (most importantly) run down all the Starbuck possibilities, briefly discuss Lee’s role in the upcoming Baltar trial, and debut Audra’s first outro music.


GWC Podcast #31

This week’s show title, “Dirty Hands” applied to both the workers on the tillium refinery ship and to Adama and Roslin. Highlights: We wonder why Adama’s legendary leadership skills (and Roslin’s insight) take a vacation this episode, speculate about life through the eyes of the civilian fleet, question whether Tyrol will ever trust Adama again, […]


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