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GWC’s geeks jump into new material, becoming fans and passing on the experience. Rolling Stone magazine called GWC “the NPR of BSG,” and Howard Stern agreed, describing GWC (and geeking in general) as a “guilty pleasure.” Past topics include The Guild, Alien, Eureka, Eve Online, Star Trek, Terminator, Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica, Firefly, Serenity, Dr. Horrible, Tron, War Games, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Cosmos, Avatar, Batman, Transformers, X-Men, Iron Man, Mass Effect, SyFy and sci-fi programs, individuals such as Will Smith, Felicia Day, Joss Whedon, and many more!


GWC Podcast #45

We jump right in to Six Degrees of Separation this week and take a few more listener calls. Highlights: we discuss the evolution of Baltar over three seasons,question (yet again) the nature of six, compare lousy-shot centurions to lousy-shot stormtroopers, note how Roslin helps keep BSG “babe-a-licious,” and comment on Tigh’s “weight loss patch.”


GWC Podcast #44

(Corrected! If you received #43 in place of #44, you’ll now get the correct ‘cast here!) Sorry this ‘cast was late — though Audra was ready and waiting to record, Sean and I were beat after returning from San Francisco. We delve into this week’s re-watch episode, Litmus. Highlights: we love on Adama’s great quote […]


GWC Podcast #43

Fair warning: it’s been a long week for the three of us, and we were a little punchy when we recorded this late at night. At any rate, we spend most of the podcast discussing this week’s re-watch episode, “You Can’t Go Home Again,” and take a few listener calls. Highlights: we enjoy the way […]


GWC Podcast #42

Today we’re taking a little time to catch up on the re-watch, discussing Bastille Day and Act of Contrition — episodes that shine the light inside two main characters, giving us a much deeper view of who they are. Highlights: we talk about meeting Zarek for the first time, postulate about his direction in season […]


GWC Podcast #41

This week we’re joined by every BSG fan’s favorite composer Bear McCreary who takes some time out of his busy schedule to answer our star-struck questions and give us some insight into his history and the music that makes Galactica so enjoyable. Highlights: Mr. McCreary explains the scoring process and clues us in on what’ll […]


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