Podcaster and all-round nerd Chuck is joined by Mitch (the personal trainer who helped Chuck lose almost 100 lbs and 20% body fat) to discuss nutrition, workouts, the gym, and all things fitness. In new episodes each week we look into aspects of the fitness journey and answer your questions via calls, email, Facebook, and Twitter.


#7: Habits and Fitness

We discuss the power of Habit (including some information from the new book by Charles Duhigg available this week) and how it fits into the fitness journey. Chuck shares some of his similar experiences, and we apply the concepts of new habit development to everything from visiting the gym regularly to choosing the right foods. We […]


#6: Evaluating Health and Fitness Choices

We discuss the cost/benefit method of evaluating health and fitness choices to pick the path that offers the most returns for your investment of time, effort, and sacrifice when it comes to eating, exercising, and choosing your support system.


#5: Working Out and Eating on The Road

We discuss the difficulties (and tricks to) working out and maintaining diet while traveling for work and pleasure. And we take a ton of listener calls, addressing topics including how to know when it’s ok to *not* work out, how to get back on the fitness track after an injury, how shoes can affect your […]


#4: Choosing and Using a Trainer

We discuss how trainers work: what they do, how to choose one, and how to make use of one. A good trainer can help you create a customized workout plan, help with nutrition, introduce you to equipment and exercises, and generally help you feel at home at the gym, but finding the right trainer for […]


#3: Nutrition

Exercise is only part of the fitness equation. In this episode we discuss nutrition and how to develop both long-term and short term food plans to reach your goals. We walk through the basics of estimating your calorie burn (with or without electronic aid), converting your weight loss/gain/recomposition goals into calorie goals, and choosing food […]


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