Podcaster and all-round nerd Chuck is joined by Mitch (the personal trainer who helped Chuck lose almost 100 lbs and 20% body fat) to discuss nutrition, workouts, the gym, and all things fitness. In new episodes each week we look into aspects of the fitness journey and answer your questions via calls, email, Facebook, and Twitter.


#27: The Fitness Equation

We talk about the fitness equation – there’s no magic formula, and depending on what you’re trying to accomplish, there are a few things to consider.


#26: Fitnesswear / Avoiding Injury

Fashion is thrown aside as we run through what to wear to the gym, what not to wear, and when not to care. Also, we talk about pushing yourself, and how to avoid injuries.


#25: The Kitchen

You want good food, fast, and having the right setup and tools can make all the difference — in this episode, we discuss getting organized in the kitchen.


#24: Information Interpretation

We discuss how to use fitness information to your advantage – where you get it, how you use it, and dealing with the inevitable inaccuracies. Also, we take a moment to consider the need to dismantle some self-imposed boundaries.


#23: Olympic Inspiration

We find inspiration in the positive spirit of the 2012 summer olympics, and we talk about group exercise and Chuck’s recent foray into trying out group bike rides — a surprisingly positive experience.


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