Podcaster and all-round nerd Chuck is joined by Mitch (the personal trainer who helped Chuck lose almost 100 lbs and 20% body fat) to discuss nutrition, workouts, the gym, and all things fitness. In new episodes each week we look into aspects of the fitness journey and answer your questions via calls, email, Facebook, and Twitter.


#37: Body Type Myths and Device Updates

We discuss the myths and realities of “body types.” And we update you on our most recent experiences with fitness data collection devices, including the new Bodymedia Core activity tracker and Runkeeper.


#36: Data For The Long Term

We discuss how to collect and interpret data when working on long-term fitness goals. We dispel the myth that women who don’t wish to “bulk up” shouldn’t lift. And we take some great listener calls including a tale of Thanksgiving dinner and an insightful question about how to manage meals in a household packed with […]


#35: Fitness Red Flags

It can be truly difficult to tell the difference between useful diet and exercise advice that can help you achieve your goals and the potentially dangerous stuff. We identify some red flags — specifics that indicate that you may need to examine the advice you’re hearing or reading more carefully before accepting it. These include […]


#34: Motivating for the Long Term

Many fitness goals take a while to reach, so this week we dive into the many differences between motivating yourself for short term action (like making it to the gym today) and motivating yourself for long term success. Key discussions: accepting variation in your eating and workout plans, avoiding burnout, and interpreting slow-to-change data.


#33: New Segment/Fitness Myths

We introduce what’ll be a new segment to the podcast: fitness myths. And we start with the myth of targeted fat loss — the erroneous idea that working out a specific part of the body will spur loss of fat in that area. Not so much, it seems, though there are ways to speed the […]


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