Podcaster and all-round nerd Chuck is joined by Mitch (the personal trainer who helped Chuck lose almost 100 lbs and 20% body fat) to discuss nutrition, workouts, the gym, and all things fitness. In new episodes each week we look into aspects of the fitness journey and answer your questions via calls, email, Facebook, and Twitter.


#42: Artificial Barriers

We all make “excuses” for not doing what’s necessary to achieve our fitness goals. Maybe it makes more sense to think of them like artificial barriers; we face many “real” barriers, ranging from current fitness to time constraints, all of which come together to form the “envelope” in which we can achieve. Why add additional […]


#41: Withings Scale/Lifting for Purpose

We discuss our experiences with the Withings WiFi-enabled scale and body fat device. We identify the difference between lifting for strength, lifting for size, and lifting for endurance/power. And we run down the top things you might want to know if you’re headed to the gym for the first time (or returning after a long […]


#40: Goals Over Resolutions

We suggest maybe converting those new year resolutions to goals — and even shorter sub-goals that you can attain (and celebrate!) in the short run.


#39: Compound Exercises, Data Collection

We take a look at compound exercises and how they fit into the workout routine as well as discuss some of our recent data collection experiences.


#38: Holiday Forgiveness

In this episode of FitSmart, we implore you to give yourself a much-needed break this holiday season. Keep that “screw you” spirit strong and make your own decisions about exercise and diet during the holidays, but once you’ve made a decision, accept it and enjoy yourself. Also, we take a listener calls.


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