Podcaster and all-round nerd Chuck is joined by Mitch (the personal trainer who helped Chuck lose almost 100 lbs and 20% body fat) to discuss nutrition, workouts, the gym, and all things fitness. In new episodes each week we look into aspects of the fitness journey and answer your questions via calls, email, Facebook, and Twitter.


#47: Meetup 2013 Roundtable

It’s nearly that time of the year, so we take a moment to talk about the upcoming GWC meetup.


#46: Food Logging

This week we dispel the myths around food logging, and take a look at how valuable (and easy) it can actually be.


#45: Taste Change

In this episode, we take a look at how one’s food tastes may change over time.


#44: Defining Results, Part 2

We continue our discussion of all the various results available from diet and exercise plans and how to match your desired goals to a plan just right for you.


#43: Defining Results

What exactly does someone mean when they say “my diet and exercise plan gets results?” We dive into all of the various “results” available (both good and bad) and examine what it means to match up various sets of results to best meet your true desires and goals.


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