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Recorded and streamed live, Eff This Week brings you the hosts of various GWC podcasts uncensored, warts and all, bracketed by the awesome instrumental stylings of the Eff This Week Orchestra. Listen here, or join us live via the GalacticWatercooler.com website, UStream, and/or Twitter to interact directly with the hosts. Drink of your choice is optional — as is common sense, good behavior, and everything else sacred.

Eff This Week is currently on long-term hiatus after our Finale episode on November 7, 2012. Who knows, though: we may decide to make more episodes down the road!


#13: Bad Moo Rising

The semester’s over. Work is turned in. Work is graded. Audra has good news. Chuck has good news. Juan has news. We eff it all. This week’s crew: Audra, Chuck, and Juan. (That’s right: Audra’s back!) Seriously, though, we had a great time blowing off steam from a rough week. Hope you enjoy, too. Also: […]


#12: Audra’s Not Here, Man

That’s right. Audra’s week was so effed that she didn’t even have time to Eff it. In her absence, your hosts this week (Chuck and Juan) ramble about Corner Gas, which you can think of as Canada’s Seinfeld. We also talk Archer and Stargate. And GWC uber-producer Solai joins us for a quick ten minutes […]


#11: Shaved Ginger Biscuit

Effin’ the post-fake-Thanksgiving Thursday, is this week’s crew: Audra, Chuck, and Juan. Highlights: The chat room tells us about the fabled gingerbread donut. Chuck wonders why Siri doesn’t understand stardates. Non-Texans discover that it’s actually cold in texas. Audra tells a one-time-at-band-camp story. And we profess our continuing love for Scrubs.


#10: Dr. Casilda

Kidding aside, congrats to Casilda who successfully defended her dissertation the day we Effed — and joined us to celebrate. Your Eff This Week hosts this week: Audra, Chuck, and Juan. Highlights: We talked diabeetus. And we blasted out top ten lists based on chat room suggestions, including our ten favorite SG-1 episodes, top ten […]


#9: Novembeard

It’s Effin time again, and we rise to the occasion. Ish. Ok, we show up and do a podcast for whatever that’s worth. This week’s Eff This Week crew: Audra, Chuck, and Juan. Highlights: It’s a PODCAST! Ok. Seriously, I should crowdsource this. Help me out. Tell me what this podcast was about in comments, […]


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