Eff This Week

Recorded and streamed live, Eff This Week brings you the hosts of various GWC podcasts uncensored, warts and all, bracketed by the awesome instrumental stylings of the Eff This Week Orchestra. Listen here, or join us live via the GalacticWatercooler.com website, UStream, and/or Twitter to interact directly with the hosts. Drink of your choice is optional — as is common sense, good behavior, and everything else sacred.

Eff This Week is currently on long-term hiatus after our Finale episode on November 7, 2012. Who knows, though: we may decide to make more episodes down the road!


#33: Monk Massage

Audra tells us about her bookstore massage. Unh huh. Your crew this week: Audra, Chuck. and Juan.


#32: The Audra Show

Audra takes center stage this week, making the show totally worth a listen despite the other hosts’ lameness. Your hosts this week: Audra, Chuck, Audra, Juan, and Audra.


#31: Default Steamer

This week needed especially specially effing, and as usual, we’re there to eff it up right. Your crew this week: Audra, Juan, and Chuck.


#30: Own The Meme

If there ever was a week that needed Effing, this was it. So we effed it. We effed it all up. Your crew this week: Audra, Juan, and Chuck.


#29: 8-Bit Bore

Guess what stupid game young Chuck used to play with his geek friends? On second thought, don’t. Consensus says it’ll bore you to tears. Your crew this week: Audra, Juan, and Chuck.


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