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Recorded and streamed live, Eff This Week brings you the hosts of various GWC podcasts uncensored, warts and all, bracketed by the awesome instrumental stylings of the Eff This Week Orchestra. Listen here, or join us live via the GalacticWatercooler.com website, UStream, and/or Twitter to interact directly with the hosts. Drink of your choice is optional — as is common sense, good behavior, and everything else sacred.

Eff This Week is currently on long-term hiatus after our Finale episode on November 7, 2012. Who knows, though: we may decide to make more episodes down the road!


#43: Inside The Whale

This week, Juan Skypes in to the show from Anaheim, California, the secret breeding ground of Canadian tech wizards. And we put Disney characters into coital scenarios, including particularly vivid images of Pinocchio “inside” the whale, Aladdin’s monkey-bro Abu, and a sexy teapot from Beauty and the Beast. Come join the madness!


#42: Nut Scrubs

This week we Frak, Fight, and Bodyswap with the cast of Scrubs, entering into some disturbing scenarios with Snoop Dogg Attending, The Janitor, Gift Shop Girl, and Dr. BeardFace, among others. We debut our Google-Free-Five: Space Trivia theme, in which the chat room owns us with trivia we thought we could answer sans electronic appendages. And […]


#41: CompuLingus

We talk science news, including the discovery of a 47-million-year-old fossilized pair of turtles in flagrante delicto and a shark at a Dubai resort who apparently discovered the secret of underwater parthenogenesis. And in this week’s round of One True Thing, we Do It Right this time! We find out who Audra made out with in […]


#40: Exposed Cheeks, Quivering Junk, and Robot Sex

Chuck and Audra tell horror stories of lumpy bums, wiggling peen, and other corporeal unpleasantries of the otherwise-awesome San Diego Comic-Con, and cover con highlights from Nerdist, Geek & Sundry, Archer, and more. And Juan kicks us off with a return of Frak, Fight, or Bodyswap — Robots and Droids edition!  


#39: Hoochie Coochie Moya

Juan, Chuck, and Audra debut a few interactive games with the chat room, including the Tell ‘Em Steve-Dave-inspired “One True Thing” (and DP reminds us we’re doing it wrong), Audra’s guess-the-fake-novel from a slew of racy, best-selling vampire titles, and the wildly successful and intimately revealing Frak, Fight, or Bodyswap (Star Trek edition). Game sets included Juan’s […]


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