Eff This Week

Recorded and streamed live, Eff This Week brings you the hosts of various GWC podcasts uncensored, warts and all, bracketed by the awesome instrumental stylings of the Eff This Week Orchestra. Listen here, or join us live via the GalacticWatercooler.com website, UStream, and/or Twitter to interact directly with the hosts. Drink of your choice is optional — as is common sense, good behavior, and everything else sacred.

Eff This Week is currently on long-term hiatus after our Finale episode on November 7, 2012. Who knows, though: we may decide to make more episodes down the road!


#8: Girly Coffee

Eff you! All of you! Your Eff This Week crew this week: Audra, Chuck, and Juan. And yeah, we pretty much phone it in this week. Hell, Juan LITERALLY phones it in. Ok, he Skypes it in. Whatever. Either way, it’s a laid-back eff, but fun none the less.


#7: Generic Drunken Podcast

Yep, it’s that time of week again. The time where we eff. We eff it all up, you know, with Juan live in the studio for one last time this year. Your Eff This Week crew this week: Chuck, Audra, and Juan. Highlights: We’re here. Yeah, you heard me.


#6: House Rules

It gets all eye-contacty as the whole crew podcasts together on-site. This week’s Eff This Week crew: Audra, Chuck, Juan, and (very briefly) Solai. Highlights: We profess our love for house. Audra tells us what a group improv class is like. And Juan and Audra serenade live listeners.


#5: Tim Horton’s Isn’t Dunkin Donuts

We keep on keepin’ on after a hella long week. This week’s Eff This Week crew: Audra, Chuck, and Juan. Highlights: We share our favorite coffee stories. Uubergeek posts the best Olivia Wilde pic ever. We learn that Chuck’s legs are blindingly white. And we compare favorite Markie Post roles and House episodes. Yeah


#4: Passport

As in “remind Audra to get her passport.” In fact, go Tweet her right now. Set a reminder to do so every day until she lets you know she’s done it. This week’s Eff This Week Crew: Audra, Chuck, and Juan. Highlights: We hear stories from Chuck and Photonutz wandering around NYC at midnight on […]


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