Eff This Week

Recorded and streamed live, Eff This Week brings you the hosts of various GWC podcasts uncensored, warts and all, bracketed by the awesome instrumental stylings of the Eff This Week Orchestra. Listen here, or join us live via the GalacticWatercooler.com website, UStream, and/or Twitter to interact directly with the hosts. Drink of your choice is optional — as is common sense, good behavior, and everything else sacred.

Eff This Week is currently on long-term hiatus after our Finale episode on November 7, 2012. Who knows, though: we may decide to make more episodes down the road!


#53: Finale

In our final podcast, we send Eff this Week out in style with tales of video game character coitus, including Super Mario Brothers’, um, brotherly love; pummeling Princess Peach, and Juan-as-Lego C3PO putting the beat down on Mass Effect bigot Ashley Williams. Chuck plies Siri with his best Casey Kasem impression, Juan does the best […]


#52: Restaurant Lips

Another week, another effing! Audra gets us off on the right foot with (yet another) pee story, and we spend the rest of the ‘cast desperately trying to stay away from Twitter and the political debates.


#51: Agent Scherbatsky Is Not An Extra

We talk Big Bird, clone debaters, and how a legitimate deficit will shut itself down, plus wonder how anyone could still be “undecided” at this point. Audra talks Sports, giving props to Detroit’s triple crown baseballer Miguel Cabrera, and Juan and Chuck debate the real importance of Cobie Smulders to the Avengers. We complain about […]


#49: Pants, Planes, and Princesses

Audra’s unfortunately absent, having been pulled away to an impromptu work meeting, so Chuck and Juan take the time to catch up. There’s more discussion of skinny jeans and pants in general, Juan reveals his disturbing habit of watching “Mayday” in the weeks leading up to a flight, and Chuck finally gives us his review […]


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