Frak parties are great ways for GWCers to hang out together as a community, no matter where they call home. The term refers to GWCers’ online gatherings where everyone watches a current program as it airs — or a previously recorded program/movie that everyone watches in sync — and engages in commentary, discussion, silliness, and camaraderie in real time. When you can’t physically relocate to be with GWC friends, frak parties are the next best thing. And the commentaries from this Hive Mind are witty and hilarious!

To find a scheduled frak party, check the calendar. To join any party, simply enter the forum thread marked for the event under the heading “Events” and the subheading “Community Frak Parties.” Cue up your viewing material and comment (and reload the page) to your heart’s content!

Some text-only excerpts from the Logan’s Run frak party in September 2010 (you may notice the tendency toward MST3K-ing):

BadgerSpoon: Logan’s Run, Friday, 1 October 2010, 10 PM Eastern – 7 PM Pacific
ThotFullGuy: On youtube at
Topgun: My palm crystal is blinking red. That’s okay, right?
Mr. Lister, Sir: We starting on time or at the GWC on time
BadgerSpoon: Renew! Renew!
CodyfromOhio: I’m here. lets frak this thing
Solai: Crystal? Don’t mind if I do. …oh, this is awkward, you meant the crystal in my hand, not champagne.
Mr. Lister, Sir: Wow. Oldschooil MGM lion growl
BadgerSpoon: It’s still blinking? It should have exploded years ago. Did I say exploded? I meant renewed.
CodyfromOhio: Here kitty kitty..
Mr. Lister, Sir: aww look at the little babies. Logan! No tapping on the glass!

Solai: A Saul David Production? Of the Hampton Davids?
Fastcart: What happened to them?
Topgun: Francis know…kind of a douche.
Mr. Lister, Sir: I dont think i want to live in a world of pastel coloured clothing. But i like the sheerness of the ladies garments
Solai: Hahaha. Taunting babies is hi-larious.
Topgun: Gods knows I love this movie, but have you ever seen faker-looking miniatures?
BadgerSpoon: The lion died of old age over 20 years ago.
Fastcart: No one wear bras? Women’s lib?
Solai: Creepy hockey masks + disco ball = good times

Mr. Lister, Sir: Was that the Wilhelm scream. It sounded kinda like it? … mmmmmm. I have a hankering for Meatloaf now.
Frakkintalos: I get older but the people at Carousel all stay the same.
Janitorbob: Nice daishiki

Solai: It sounds like the computer is on a walkie talkie.
BadgerSpoon: So why is the computer explaining this to him? ETA: Ah, never mind. Now I remember.
Mr. Lister, Sir: Hehe the computer said “Penetrate the seal”

So there you have it! Frak parties, in a nutberry. Come join the fun!