Thank you so much for thinking about how you can help keep GWC’s content alive and free. It means a lot to us that our work is important to you.

There are a number of ways you can help out:

Tell a Friend About GWC

Know how you’ve always had a couple of friends who introduce you to your favorite new TV shows, movies, books, and so on? And they give you something fun to talk about, maybe a new way of looking at things you already enjoy? We hope GWC works like that for you, and we know that GWC’s audience does the same for us. Of course, we share that back. It’s a wonderful cycle of geek love. But instead of just a few close friends, there are thousands — a veritable legion of sci-fi/fantasy/comic fans who’re always there 24×7 ready to share and enjoy.

So it follows that the most important thing you can do to support GWC is tell your friends about it. GWC’s not for everyone, but how will they know if they don’t get a chance to check it out? There could be another you out there waiting to jump in and have a good time. Let’s not let ’em down.


Honestly, we’ve always been hesitant to ask for money from GWCers. Maybe we’ve just taken one too many dialing-for-dollars calls during dinner. Or maybe begging just gives us the willies. One thing’s certain, though: We feel it’s very, very important that you know that you don’t have to pay for GWC.

That said, after many years we’ve finally caved in to demand and added the option for you to donate to help offset the cost of operating GWC. It’s made a real difference, enabling us to keep creating content when times got rough. It’s replaced damaged (or just plain worn-out after years of use) gear, and it’s helped to defray the cost of the servers and services that make GWC go.

You can donate via one of two methods:

A One-Time Donation

Click the “donate” button below and you can donate whatever amount you choose via PayPal and/or pretty much any credit card around.

A Monthly Donation

Many of the various expenses GWC incurs are monthly in nature (website hosting, forum hosting, podcast hosting, voicemail, etc.). If you’d like, you can schedule a monthly donation to GWC to help offset these expenses via the form below. Monthly donations are handled via PayPal’s subscription service, which means you can easily start and stop your scheduled donations via their simple interface.

Monthly Donation:

Important Notes

  • GWC is not an officially-recognized charity, so your donations are not tax deductible.
  • All of GWC’s services and functionality is available to everyone regardless of whether or not a person has donated. Donations are just optional kindnesses from GWCers.