December 4, 2013

#88: Streaming vs. Owning, Windows Naming Disaster

Do you prefer streaming or owning your media? We tackle the question from a couple of angles, arguing both sides in order to better understand the question and market. We also discuss Leo Laporte’s recent frustrated rant about the Windows naming scheme. Could their Win RT/Win Phone/Windows 8.1 naming debacle scuttle the Surface Pro, despite the Pro’s unique niche market placement? Finally, we take some listener calls on music organization and holiday virus threats.

Show Notes

Some of the links mentioned:

Voice commands:
60 Awesome Google Now Commands

Streaming vs. Owning:
Google Music

The Windows Naming Debacle:
Laporte's Windows Naming Rant ("Just buy an iPad. Forget I mentioned it.")

Universal Messaging/Remote Phone Control:
MightyText: Text from your Android phone and computer -- all in sync.
AirDroid: Your Android, On The Web

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