January 14, 2013

#356: Alien Sex, The Tannen Law

We blast into 2013 with some nooooooos! and enjoy some classic GWC banter. And we run down the Week in Geek, including newly revealed details about Gates McFadden’s Season 2 departure from Next Gen (it had to do with sexism, despite the gender equality Beverly insists upon to Soren of the sack-cloth); the UK’s X-rating of the original Alien (no “sss”) movie due to sexual, um, confusion, it might instill in middle-schoolers; a cool piece in the Atlantic featuring the evolution of sci-fi book covers; news that Elder Scrolls will become an MMO this year (without dragons!?!); and the Shat’s squee-worthy Twitter exchange with Chris Hadfield of the ISS. Plus, Sean pumps the new season of Justified, we give props to a kick-ass Lego Iron Man proposal, and talk a little Voyager, including the obligatory Kazon Hair Report.

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