December 31, 2012

#354: Nice Day For A White Onesie

We kick off 2012’s penultimate podcast by discussing 2005 movie The Island — wait, wut? Yes, The Island.  After seven years of GWC-style analysis and geeky discussion, returning to this flawed-but-likable movie made us realize how much the ‘cast has transformed the way we understand and appreciate art. Plus, we run down the Week in Geek, boo Blastr’s troll-baiting “Worst Movies Ever” poll which targets low-hanging fruit and popular franchises like Indiana Jones 4 and the Twilight series; give more love to affordable fun with Rifftrax; anticipate the addition of Jackie Chan to the cast of Expendables 3; and vicariously enjoy Sean’s experience with the cool-sounding strategy game Civilization Revolution, designed by the acclaimed Sid Meier and based on the 2008 original. Join the fun!


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