November 26, 2012

#351: James Bond, Part I

This ‘cast we dive into 007’s universe of cars, gadgets, sex, and intrigue. We identify our favorite Bond cars (and jets, submarines, and motorcycles), give props to Sean Connery’s 1950s physique and sexiness-to-age ratio, and discuss the evolution of the early, one-dimensional “Robo-Bond” into the still-cool but emotionally motivated, complex, modern Bond. Plus we run down the Week in Geek, getting stoked over the trailer for Now You see Me, the pending heist movie that we hope will join the ranks among Crue favorites Oceans 11, 12, and 13 and the Italian Job, find the Halo 4 experience a satisfactory addition to the canon, and enjoy Audra’s thirty-years-later discovery of text adventure games with the browser-based British Officer Intelligence Exam (squee!).

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