November 2, 2012

#32: October 28, 2012

FitSmart Episode #32, recorded October 28, 2012.


3 Responses to "#32: October 28, 2012"
  1. Chris From Poland says:

    Guys, you used to label the episodes with descriptions, but since #30, the descriptions are gone. I admit I prefered the episodes with titles. Is there a reason that they’re gone? It would seem that each episode has a general theme anyways…

    • Chuck says:

      Hey, Chris! You’re absolutely right. I’m the one who writes them, but I got overrun and figured it was best to push it out regardless. The new ones should include the descriptions, and I’ll try to go back and fill in the old ones when I can. Thanks so much for listening and for your feedback. 🙂

  2. Chris From Poland says:

    I love the podcast, even though I don’t work out (I just attend the swimming pool from time to time): I just like your discussions. But I lost 20 kg just from changing eating habits, which is good just the same :-).

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