October 3, 2012

#59: Pis, Eyes, and Maps (Oh My?)

We discuss recent bootloader changes that enable the Raspberry Pi to retain longer performance relevance — a critical change for the Pi’s low-buck education and net access purpose. We take a (verbal) look at Australia’s new “bionic eye” and how it demonstrates the power of multi-disciplinary research to change the world. We recognize the powerful honesty of Tim Cook’s Apple Maps letter (and question why Apple didn’t take this tack in the first place). And we take a recent Iranian news organizations mistaken reporting of an Onion article as fact to heart, digging into the need to evaluate sources online and understand the power of one’s online identity and presence. (Also: We share some stories about participating in international “echoes” before the internet and how the internet’s beginnings affect its current structure and our participatory habits.)

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