September 1, 2012

#338: Villains We Love, Part 2: The Monarch

In this episode, we continue our Villains we Love to Love arc with the Venture Brothers‘ outrageously-costumed, insecure, high-voiced swinger and villain extraordinaire: the Monarch. We examine the Monarch’s unusual upbringing, creativity, and desperation to live the 1960s supervillain life, and the startlingly realistic, humble lives of the henchmen. We sneak a glimpse into Chuck’s authentically geeky past after discovering a gigantic box of old photos. And we run down the Week in Geek, getting excited about the Life on Mars (BBC) writers’ new parallel-world cop project, Para Time, Seth Green’s awesome new animated series Star Wars: Detours, the Dr. Who-spinoff BBC web series Pond Life, and the long-awaited Series X of Red Dwarf. Plus we get a sweet intro from a very special guest!

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