August 7, 2012

#42: Nut Scrubs

This week we Frak, Fight, and Bodyswap with the cast of Scrubs,¬†entering into some disturbing scenarios with Snoop Dogg Attending, The Janitor, Gift Shop Girl, and Dr. BeardFace, among others. We debut our Google-Free-Five: Space Trivia theme, in which the chat room owns us with trivia we thought we could answer sans electronic appendages. And we do a “Guess the Fake News Story” bit involving a sex doll strapped to a tree (true), a frantic thong-shopping spree in Ireland (true), ancient Greek Olympians’ doping by noshing on raw testicles (true), and a lusty bull mounting an Arkansas¬†man and then destroying a police car (very, very true). Come get your Eff on! (Brain bleach sold separately.)


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