July 1, 2012

#330: Toys, Part 1

We revel in remembering some of the best (and worst) toys of our childhoods, give props to homemade toys, and realize how much toys shape the kind of people we become. We recall what it was like to polish your own rocks, struggle with the infernal spirograph, try to get any real speed on a free-style bike (much less a Big Wheel), and build elaborate slot car tracks. Audra explains My Little Pony butt art and the real reason there are no boy ponies; Sean relives the glory of ruling the neighborhood with a solid mahogany sword; and Chuck tells how, at age four, he got a Dad-constructed, gas-powered, custom car built on a lawn mower chassis — complete with personalized license plate. And we run down the Week in Geek, enjoy movie trailers for Robot and Frank and Loopers, identify some must-see ComiCon panels, and give our full support to Charlize Theron’s bald pate for Mad Max 4.


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