June 3, 2012

#326: Growing Up Geek/The Hero and The Crown

We continue our growing up geek arc with the novel The Hero and The Crown, which provided Sean entry into the worlds of reading and fantasy. We discuss how his experience (and others like his) lead to lifetime learning, advocate for more flexible reading lists for early readers, and talk about the true purposes of critical reading (as opposed to simple criticism) and how it expresses what we do with the texts we enjoy. All of us remember the Scholastic book fairs fondly, as well as trips to used bookstores. And we run down the week in geek, including the truth behind Sanctuary’s cancellation, some basic information about the new game Diablo 3, Iron Man 3’s newly-increased budget, our take on the Dragon Dogma game trailers, and a funny story about Skyrim clipping errors and how they created the infamous Dragon-In-The-Mountain landmark in Sean’s game.

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