March 13, 2012

#315: Mass Effect 2/3, Jennifer Hale, Maggie Baird

We roll through Mass Effect 2 and some non-spoilery ME3 discussion joined by guests Maggie Baird (voice of Samara) and Jennifer Hale (voice of FemShep). Ms. Baird introduces us to the world of voice acting and specifically the Mass Effect interview and recording process. And Ms. Hale offers some insight into breathing life into a character which the actor can’t see or control — all of which just gets us completely wound up to play our copies of ME3.

2 Responses to "#315: Mass Effect 2/3, Jennifer Hale, Maggie Baird"
  1. Fenatic says:

    Hey, I can’t seem to find the forum thread for this cast, was it moved?

  2. Gryper says:

    Looks like Chuck hasn’t put up a thread for it yet.

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