February 28, 2012

#33: Legos in Space, Hard Drive Pricing, Cord Cutting

We have some fun calculating the cost (and awesome coolness factor) of shipping a lego ISS to the real ISS. We talk about ways to identify the correct insertion of a USB cable. We discuss Netflix’s outright rejection this week of Blackberry users and how this year might be the “watershed moment” for cable TV cord-cutters. We read about possible relief from stupidly-high hard drive pricing (though it’ll get worse before better, doh). We talk about an article this week identifying Apple’s slide-to-unlock sound as that of a pair of locking pliers opening, which leads into a discussion of smartphone use in the shop (and tool branding concerns). And we read a couple of great emails from listeners who accepted our challenge of finding use cases for Apple’s desktop-aimed trackpad.


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